As a kid, I remember thinking that anybody who got sued was a thief and a terrible person. They usually went to jail, I thought. Or maybe they were put to death by lethal injection. Okay, maybe not death, but I definitely thought people’s lives were ruined once they got sued. If your looking for unusual gifts have a look on gifts for men

I didn’t know where to turn at that point, and I was in a severely depressed mindset. Once again, however, I stayed true to my why. I wasn’t going to give up, so I called my mentor, Ken Rutkowski, who is still my mentor today. If anybody could help me, it was Ken.

My conversation with Ken was so memorable that I remember exactly where I was standing at the time we spoke. It was in front of a liquor store in the ghetto near Hermosa Beach. My head was leaning against a rusty signpost, and I kept thinking about how completely fucked I was. Getting someone a toilet roll holder as a laugh!

When he picked up the phone, I said, “Ken, I am absolutely fucked! I’m getting sued for $1.5 million. I won’t be able to pay that in a hundred lifetimes.”

“Ben, are you serious?” Ken asked.

“Yeah, totally fucking serious.”

“Well then, congratulations!” he said.

At that point, I started to wonder if Ken was high on some kind of weird brain-altering substance or had just come back from Burning Man. Neither of those things was true, of course. Ken is too smart for anything like that. I asked him, “Ken, can you hear me okay? Because I just told you I’m getting sued for $1.5 million and you wished me congratu-fucking-lations!”

“Ben, yes…congratulations! I can hear you fine, and that’s great news because it means you’ve made it! You’ve leveled up,” he said.