Keyword research is still useful for example but we now know that Google doesn 't want us to overly stuff our website with those search terms. Instead, the recommendation hovers at around 1-2% keyword density. If you write a long article and include the search term a few times, then that should be enough as long as it's also in your code a little, or in your file name. This can be achieved on a brand's website, where consumers often gather information about high involvement decisions. It is an important part of your overall online presence, of course it is, but it can't be everything. If your intro is basically the same, and you're listing the same features and flavors, it won't be clear to Google which of those pages is the "main" one or how any of them really help the user.

Succeeding in SEO means paying attention to doorway sites

Consumers were 30 percent more likely to consider purchasing the brand. This is prominent real estate and the message featured here greatly impacts the searcher's decision on whether to click through to your site or move on to the next search result. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one URL to another. Whether you're switching domain names, restructuring your URLs (more on that in the next section), or consolidating content as part of your website redesign, setting up 301 redirects is crucial to ensuring any "SEO juice" from your old URLs gets transferred to your new URLs. When choosing a field of SEO to specialize in, you need to pick something that you feel you'll do well with.

Does the Yahoo indexer really care about rankings

What is generally the one thing that may prevent someone from using my service? Making provisions for SEO from the very beginning pays dividends in the long term, as less rework will be required to achieve specific SEO goals. Digital marketing is not all about selling and purchasing of products and services. Your content can become stale or even outdated over time. Don't beat yourself up, though.

Audit your profile, looking for issues with regards to metrics

Newer technologies create challenges for agencies such as content marketing, along with native advertising. Google has told us for well over 10 years what is important to them and how to rank higher in search engines. Conative message strategies seek to lead directly to consumer responses. We asked an SEO Specialist, Gaz Hall, for his thoughts on the matter: "Magento will automatically default to make all your page titles H1 tags, which isn't ideal for SEO."

Focus on ROI Instead of webmaster tools

Like I mentioned earlier, getting new strong links pointed at your site can increase the total number of keywords each article ranks for (ie. Another term closely linked with SEM is PPC or pay-per-click (not to be confused with paper clips!). At a certain point, an advertisement or particular campaign simply becomes "old" or "boring." When a company stops advertising, consumers often begin to forget the message, which indicates decay effects. Messages travel almostinstantaneously.