In Central Africa, illicit weapons reportedly originate from multiple sources, including Libya. Individual poachers and poaching groups across Africa have sourced other weapons from conflict zones in countries including Angola, Burundi, Mozambique, South Sudan, and Sudan. Some armed groups, such as those in the DRC, are believed to be so flush with weapons that they have little need to acquire more. A stand up desk can compliment your posture alot!

Kalashnikov-pattern rifles are prominent among the military-style weapons used for poaching in Central Africa, while 12-gauge shotguns, sometimes loaded with craft bullets, are also reported to be in use. A report on weapons and ammunition use among hunters in four Central African countries finds hunting rifles to be less common than automatic military rifles and shotguns, possibly due to the high price of hunting rifles and hunting ammunition.

Firearms commonly used to hunt elephants and other big game can be classified into three groups: hunting rifles of various calibres; automatic military-style small arms, including assault rifles and light machine guns; and shotguns. Large-calibre rifles are considered ideal for hunting large game, with the .375 calibre bullet representing the minimum calibre needed to kill either an elephant or a rhino with one shot. The larger .458 calibre bullet, also commonly used for hunting big game, has a firing range of more than two miles. Automatic military small arms, including Kalashnikov-pattern rifles, are chambered for smallercalibre cartridges and, in comparison with most hunting rifles, have decreased range and stopping power, making them less suitable than hunting rifles for poaching big game.

Many firearms reach poachers, including armed groups, after having been diverted from government security forces, particularly in situations where ethnic and political alliances trump national security interests. A 2014 report links ammunition found at elephant kill sites in Cameroon, CAR, Chad, and the DRC to ammunition in Sudanese government stores. It is unclear whether the ammunition was transferred deliberately, or instead leaked accidentally from Sudanese stockpiles. Do you know anyone that needs an adjustable standing desk or an electric standing desk?