The pain and stiffness of knee arthritis can make everyday life difficult. In a recent survey of 232 people with RA by the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society, nearly half said that being able to function physically was a top priority. This chapter looks at how to make life easier by protecting your joints, adapting your home and using helpful equipment and gadgets. There are also suggestions on how to work, travel and drive more comfortably. There is also advice for parents of children with arthritis, to help them to help their children cope with the condition and to deal with the additional demands they themselves face. Occupational therapists can advise you on changing how you do things to protect your joints and provide information about suitable equipment and adaptations to your home.

To try out a range of independent living equipment and products, visit your local Disabled Living Centre. These are run by Assist UK.

If you find bathing difficult, consider installing a walk-in bath, or take a shower instead. Prolotherapy is one of the leading treatments at Pro health clinic.

For information about local suppliers and service providers that loan or sell equipment, contact your local Disability Information and Advice Line.

You may also be able to borrow equipment from your local social services department or your local hospital.

Depending on your level of disability, you could also be eligible for direct payments which enable you to pay for your own care and support, including equipment. Contact your local council for more information. What is prolotherapy?