Many websites take far too long to load. However, a fast-loading webpage has become an important ranking criterion for Google and other search engines, because slow loading has a negative impact on a user’s experience. Spend more time on it than you would a typical piece of content. SEO or search engine optimisation is a digital marketing method that works to optimise a website to perform well in search engine results. When it comes to word count, you need to understand that it is quite tiresome to read long articles on mobile devices, especially on smartphones.

Find websites that link to several of your competitors as they are likely to link to you too

The bottom line is that if you’re focusing on a small group of generic keywords, you’re probably not being found by most of the people who are searching for you. This is where you encourage the reader to engage with your business on a more rewarding scale. Just a few years ago, the average user didn’t trust search engines to understand conversational questions. Add internal links to the taxonomies the post belongs to

Try to target a hungry crowd by paying attention to local search

So, not like humans search engines are text-driven. By performing Search Engine Optimization on a website, it is possible to make that website show up more often in search results, as well as higher on the list of results given when search engine users search for similar stuff on those various search engines. Content syndication is the term used for the tactical republishing of your original article on another third-party website. It’s particularly useful if you’re a smaller publisher or an up-and-coming writer who wants a larger audience. Once you arrived at the page though, you clicked away without feeling satisfied.

Random musings on web 2.0

Categories are other components of blogs that can help your SEO effort. Choosing a keyword-friendly domain name is crucial to the success of your SEO campaign. Search engines will index a domain name that is also part of the page title and website description faster than a domain name that bears no relation to the title of the site or content on the site. SEO doesn’t have to be especially difficult, but it does need to be well-planned and given plenty of attention if you want to achieve stable website rankings. Gaz Hall, an SEO Expert from the UK, said: "Search queries are an average of three words long, and more than 25 percent are only a single word."

Repurpose old SERPs

Once the searcher lands on your page and confirms the content will satisfy the search, make sure the page will also fulfill the business need and not simply lead to a dead end. Technical WEB optimisation is an awesome field. There are so many little nuances to it that make it exciting, and its practitioners are required to have excellent problem solving and demanding thinking expertise. The Google Search Console is an important basis for website monitoring. Not only is the sitemap.xml uploaded to the Search Console, you also obtain important data about the most common keywords used to find the website on Google. In addition, the Search Console also informs you about hacked websites and warnings to unnatural links. What’s more, these keywords can really help you to understand your customers’ intentions.