To run a successful business, your employees must feel valued. One of the most effective ways of accomplishing this goal is motivating employees through various types of incentives.

People are enabled in their training for cooperation and self-organization. But at the company, a manager tells them where to go. Find out why it is essential for employee motivation to allow self-leadership.

Staff surveys are usually very helpful in establishing whether staff in your company are motivated and therefore performing to best effect. Aside from the information that questionnaires reveal, the process of involving and consulting with staff is hugely beneficial and motivational in its own right

When we think of motivating our employees it’s easy to consider quick wins, like bonuses and a pay rise, to get employees feeling happy and engaged again. Every human being is able to shape his everyday life. He can get up, brush his teeth, get dressed, have breakfast and go to work. He can also plan a holiday, organize an association and act as a client. Without anyone leading him.

Employees who do the work purely because you want them to are unlikely to be high performers. This is not to say that a strong professional relationship between employee and manager is undesirable, but it is to say that this type of relationship is “necessary but not sufficient” for creating lasting motivation. An approach that has been used to include employees in the company's journey is storytelling for business. Here organisation's use stories to get and keep attention and forge an emotional connection. More businesses are increasingly recognising the importance of storytelling in this regard.

There's no way to delegate a problem to the boss if you do not find a solution yourself. So it needs new methods for brainstorming, solution development and decision making.

That is why working sessions have proven to be successful, in which there is a constant alternation between these forms of work. This also helps to closely align goals and results with each other and to be in constant dialogue with each other. For this there is a documentation platform, in which well-prepared all results find and the permanent chat within working groups. Meetings are almost superfluous. And yet, everyone is informed and has enough time to make their contribution.