When someone arrives at your website, you want them to do something. If your website is about ecommerce, you want them to buy something. If it’s a blog, you want them to leave a comment and click your share button. These are all good things for your business plus they are very good from an SEO expert’s perspective.

It all goes back to that user experience we spoke about earlier. Google wants its users to find what they’re looking for first time. They don’t want them to have to keep going back to the results and trying different websites. If people go to your site/page, do nothing and then leave again - that suggests to Google that your website did not provide enough value to the visitor. This is called a bounce.

Naturally, no websites have a 0% bounce rate. It’s just not possible. Even if you can engage 100% of visitors in interacting with you (which you never will, nobody does), the internet is full of thousands (if not millions) of things called “bots” that scour the web, indexing and archiving websites. Almost all of these will bounce off of whatever page they land on and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. SEO services are guarenteed to improve your rankings.

A good idea is to add a sign-up form on every page. Having this at the top of every page might look cluttered so either stick it in the footer (but remember what we spoke about earlier about heat maps and going below the fold) or use a pop-up.

Just a quick note on pop-ups. As so many people use pop-up blockers now, even people who don’t know they are (they’re built into most browsers), you technically need to use a thing called an iframe. Don’t worry about that, though. If you’re on any sort of platform which uses apps (Shopify, Wordpress etc) then that’s exactly what they’ll be doing. Most SEO’s offer a technical SEO audit to make sure theres no technical problems to stop you from ranking.

Another good idea is to use the 70/30 rule - or even turn it on its head and make it 30/70. This means only putting 70% of the information the person is looking for on one page and then having a “click to see more” link.